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My Big Country v 1.3 inkl. Damage Mod

  • 2016-03-03 13:16
  • Maps

My-Big-Country-1 My-Big-Country-2 My-Big-Country-3

Version 1.3:
* New Layer inserted: Reed, Weed, Monkshood, Undergrowth
* Damage and Repair Mod inserted
* BGA scale inserted with statistics function
* Overload pipe inserted
* Sawmill updated
* Beet cutter updated
* Water Mod updated to Version 3.4.0-47
* Pig updated to Version 5.0
* PalletteColector updated to Version 3.0.1
* Cattle Market updated to Version 2.0
* MapSiloBand updated (pigs / cows)
* Barn door Traded on sliding version
* Side walls of the silos exchanged (Hof)
* Street texture swapped

Author: Funky @Beschreibung


One Response to My Big Country v 1.3 inkl. Damage Mod

  1. Vedran

    Are there sheeps and chickens on this map? I can’t find them.

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