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Multifruit Production Map v 1.0

  • 2016-06-15 19:54
  • Maps


– Fruits: onions, carrots, oat, triticale, rye, soybean, sunflower and chopped straw fashion
– Animals: cows, chicken, sheep, pig, beef, lamb, sheep2, cow2, chicken2, goose rabbit, horse and ostrich
– Greenhouse production for cabbage lettuce tomato raspberry strawberry and cauliflower with built in pallet mover sampler and the chaff waste gets sold automatically when full
– Potato and sugerbeet washer
– Slaughter house production for 4 different types of pallets ham salami steak bones and chaff waste with pallet sampler
– Brewery beer production beer pallets and chaff waste with pallet movers
– Seeds and firtilizer production on map
– Sheep cutter building
– Milking station building
– Compost Filling Plant
– Egg laying station to produce pallets of eggs to be sold and pallete sampler to move pallets there is over a 100 fileable items on the map as the multivitamin128 mode is in the map already
– Other buildings and sell points.
– A port, grain elevator, farm shop to sell nearly everything
– Village to sell your many pallets so the pallets can be sold at the Spinnery
– Placable areas near farm to place if you like the any placeable items
– Storage for wheat_windrow, grass_windrow, chaff, silage, manure, forage, liquid manure

Authors: Giants, pinguar, scooby, marhu, farmer andy


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  1. nito


  2. Gerry Brayne

    Thanks for a very good and interesting map. How are the greenhouses seeded.

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