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Multi Overlay Hud v 2.4


Version 2.4:
* Optional money change color added
* Optional moh wtmHud lock miniPda added (then directed at the bar from miniPda)
* MiniPda lock wtmHud is the move mitangezeigt the wtmHud
* Dung / manure added by the animals in the total stock
* Fix position Y when dragging the wtmHuds
* So that will suit bestPrice slot indicated generally all cash crops (station Triggers)
* Amount added for gas stations (Trigger) and ad … Hoftankstelle …
* Xml settings enabled (there you can already set some things that you previously could not change online)
* Money color changeable added (user request)
* SiloSlot FillPlane indicator added (10% FillLevel and / or 98% compression)
* Page1 optional old price of fruit Show (Station Price and Mappreis)
* Page1 / bestPrice Slot great demand, change indicator price Mulitplikation and expiration time
* HelpHud (F1) Settings added (image)
* ObjectSettings.xml editable via ingame display (image)
* Dung / manure / silage via xml Settings decouple (animals, Bga, stock will then not summed)
* Page1 Settings added (SP) (edit / delete / add / change etc.) (Image)

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