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Multi Overlay Hud v 1.4

Multi Overlay Hud

Version 1.4:
– Fix UPK trees (patch 1.3)
– Fix BestPrice display English version
– Fix BestPrice great demand (patch 1.3)
– BGA Slot added (switch if more than 4)
– Silage Silo Slot added (switch if more than 7)
– BGA silage / silo extension added support
– Pig v4.1 added support (fattening, breeding) (max 16)
– Station Name changes can be displayed on the mini map (picture)
– Added potato damper placeable
– Added Pig Forage Master placeable
– Factory scripts support mods that are installed with GE (max 30)
– Placeable Objecte slot switch function added (when more than 5)
– Max stations to 56 reduced (per page 14)
– Auto milk sale Off Info added when available
– Wool palett Collector added support
– Added support Water Mod

Author: HappyLooser


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