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Mountain Goat II Prototyp Pack v 1.3.1 Multicolor


The Pack consist of:
* Mountain Goat II Prototyp 12.300 Tractor: power 300 hp
* Mountain Goat II Prototyp 14.420 Tractor: power 420 hp
* Mountain Goat II Prototyp 16.540 Tractor: power 540 hp
* Mountain Goat II Prototyp 18.660 Tractor: power 660 hp
* Mammut HLP 240 Frontloader
* Mammut Log Fork

Version 1.3.1:
* Improved Folder Structure and reduced data volume drastically
* Mountain Goat 14.280 replaced by 12.300
* Mountain Goat 16.410 replaced by 14.420
* Added Mountain Goat 18.660
* Completely changed motor data
* Reduced Consumption
* Reduced Tank Volume
* Real Acting PS (now acting attached weights)
* Real Acting Weights for effective utilization as Silage Compressor
* New Store Images for visual distinction of Prototypes (12.300 Red, 14.420 Blue, 16.540 Forest Green, 18.660 Silver Gray)
* Two Beacons
* Built small Rotating Light the Dashboard for Visual Inspection
* GPS and RC Antenna Package
* Extra Bulbs on the Mirror
* Wide Vehicle Marker
* Warning Flasher
* Adaptive Headlights
* Automatic Daytime Running Lights
* New Work Lights
* Advanced Light Cone
* 160 ° Working Light Forward
* Version Typical Chain Drives
* Chainsaw and Fuel Canister for Decoration
* Xenon Headlights was acquired
* Reverse Alarm was retained

Authors: Shoebeck, Güllemax, SpeedySC1978, Timber131, MeNotU, T0xic0m Puma


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  1. Gabi27

    Thx very much for the update! 😀 Keep up the good work! 😉

  2. Nicolas

    Il a l’air tros bien

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