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Money Cheat Mod v 1.0


This is pretty much one of the mods, which almost every modder has installed.
The mods can you give € 100,000 ingame easily via CTRL + ALT + 0 (horn button).
Then you need not always start a new game, save edit save game and start again.
Simply press the key combination and you’ll get the money immediately.
For each pressure the key combination then you will receive € 100,000.
Say Press 1x 2x € 100 thousand € 200 thousand € 300 thousand 3x etc.

Author: Alex2009


9 Responses to Money Cheat Mod v 1.0

  1. Death_SecteR

    Doesn’t work for me either.

  2. Death_SecteR

    Oh wait, I just read the directions here. I will try this “CTRL + ALT + 0 (horn button)” thing. 🙂

  3. Conor Curtin

    why do I keep getting redirected to scam sites from the download link??????

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