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Mix Feeder Example Map v 2.0

  • 2016-03-06 20:15
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Mix-Feeder-Example-Map-1 Mix-Feeder-Example-Map-2 Mix-Feeder-Example-Map-3

This is the Example Map with the Mix Feeder.
The Mix Feeder is an automatic feeding system from GEA. It consists of 3 bunkers and the actual Mix Feeder, this feeding the cows full automatically. You just have to fill the bunker, nothing more. The filling of the bunkers can also be a contractor take over by their appointed him a charge of feed component.

Version 2.0:
* Installation of two feedlots, pigs and cattle, both of which are fed from the Mix Feeder
* Although Plane at feed rises, but not like the cows, which is easy on the Schweinemast.lua
* Schedule height is always calculated on the number of animals and over 6 days however since at the Schweinemast.lua

Author: Bluebaby210


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  1. Gard

    where do i download the mixfeeder?

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