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Mini Map v 3.0.3

  • 2015-12-30 10:39
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Mini-Map-1 Mini-Map-4 Mini-Map-2

Large Bauer have worked, you can take a larger yard sale you
Sectors of the economy: cows, pigs, timber, BGA, agriculture

Required Mods:
– MixFeeder
– AnimationMapTrigger
– AAA_UniversalProcessKit
– MapBuyableObject

Additional mods:
– Slurry manure Mod

Version 2.0:
* New Fields and ways should the score fresh start

Version 3.0:
* Seeds, fertilizers buy and store at Court
* New industrial area
* Fig reviation for BGA

Version 3.0.3:
* Without Purchasable Objects

Author: TuneWar


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