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Midwest Family Farms v 2.1

  • 2016-06-03 14:20
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Midwest-Family-Farms-1 Midwest-Family-Farms-4 Midwest-Family-Farms-3 Midwest-Family-Farms-2

This Map has standard crops plus soybeans, oats, standard animals plus pigs. Young pig market 40$ a pig or buy young pig in store for 50$ a pig. And a new feed mill. Pigs are in a american style barn.
There are two sell places for grains and one sell place for potatos and sugarbeets, A BGA with a compostMaster, A John Deere dealer, Stockyard to sale pigs.
There is a place to sell manure and slurry plus a place to store slurry. There are a lot of tree’s to cut down and take to the sawmill. There are two empty lots for placeables.
Pig Barn Pigs only need mixed feed, silage, corn, water. Press the o botton to select between young pig or slaughter pigs when loading and then r to fill.

Version 2.1:
* Added a work shop at the main farm
* A pole barn at the second farm
* Deleted the bunkers at the BGA and put in silos
* You can now get free water at the camp grounds now
* Made a little more room at the dealer when buying new items
* Pulled the trigger out a little on the compostMaster to load trailers a little easier
* Made some ajustments on the feed master

Authors: JohnDeere1952, ThompsonM06


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