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Maxi Map Overlay v 1.2


Take a look at the screenshots for a much better description of what this mod can do.
In addition to showing the fruit-types and growth-states of crops in the maximized world-map, this mod also allows you to customize the colors of fruits and growth-states.
Please note: Only when on foot (i.e. not driving a vehicle), the mouse-cursor becomes available to allow selecting and editing the colors.

Default keys
9 = Game’s default for zooming world-map (remember to enable the map in the ESC-screen’s 2nd page)
0 = Toggles through the MaxiMap Overlay’s pages (only when world-map is maximized)
mouse-cursor = Only available when on foot, to select and edit colors & visibility

Version 1.2
* Using updated ‘ModsSettings’mod version 0.2.0

Authors: Decker_MMIV, Txadi, Ziuta, Kobe, Vanquish081, Gonimy_Vetrom


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