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Lubelska Kraina 2016 Map

  • 2016-09-26 08:48
  • Maps

Lubelska-Kraina-1 Lubelska-Kraina-2 Lubelska-Kraina-3

– Polish climate
– Nicely shaped map, trees and shrubs add a nicer climate
– 60 Fields
– 6 Meadows
– Small, medium, large fields
– New real texture cereal
– 3 playable farms (small and large)
– Mod manure, chaff, liquid manure v2
– 2 forests sawmill
– Purchase of machines
– Purchase of grain
– Purchase and bales of shavings and wood
– Gates and gates opening of oats
– Feeding the cows in the barn
– Animals: cow, chickens

Authors: frugo7502, Marcin6969


One Response to Lubelska Kraina 2016 Map

  1. kTOŚ

    Hujowa tam mapa nawet nie chce się wgrać na marne pobierać taka mape

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