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Little Town Map v 1.0

  • 2016-05-21 11:36
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Little-Town-1 Little-Town-2 Little-Town-3 Little-Town-4

On this Medium Map there is a varied size of the fields, for the players, their farm become wealthy with a lot hard work, on this map you will find a small village with pub, the streets are narrow and there are 14 fields of which belongs. As already mentioned, there is a brewery which accepts only barley and egg sales signed under a contract. It is a sale point for wool, sell point for milk, bearing fruit sales, a farm, pork and beef farm, BGA, sell straw.

Author: Lancyboi


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  1. Eric_D

    “No file”

    Getting real tired of typing those two words, nearly two dozen maps are missing in the past two days of search/downloading. Get these links fixed or pull the maps from your site.

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