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Light Addon v 1.0


The Light Addon is a global Script.
The script extends the fs standard light functions, so the light and the beacon stays on after leaving the vehicle, also the turnlights are resetted after turning.
Additional there is the possibility to add day drive light and strobelights for mods. How this works you can see in the ReadMe.pdf.

Global, self installing script:
1. Link is the Light Add on
2. Link is a modifi MAN Agrar as Sample Mod

– Lights stay on after leaving a vehicle
– Turning lights turn off automatically
– Drive light
– Strobe lights

Authors: Grisu118, Sven777b, Xentro


7 Responses to Light Addon v 1.0

  1. CID 16

    Hello, will it be possible to do this mod but for the warning. Anyway thank you for this mod.

    Bonjour, serai t-il possible de faire ce mod mais pour les warning. En tout cas merci pour ce mod.

  2. Marcus_VI

    Can somebody tell where to put the files for this mod/script?
    A tutorial for installing this would be v. helpful…

  3. CID 16

    The archive you download, just put in the mod folder

    L’archive que vous téléchargez, la mettre simplement dans le dossier mod

  4. CID 16

    I am in version 1.2, I think so. Also, if you use DriveControl, the flashing lights go off if you do not turn off the engine.

    Je suis en version 1.2, je pense que oui. De plus, si vous utilisez Drivecontrol, les gyrophares s’éteignent si vous n’éteignez pas le moteur.

  5. creepergamingboy

    does not work when i put it in mods folder

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