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Lakeside USA Map v 3.0

  • 2016-03-09 20:57
  • Maps

Lakeside-USA-1 Lakeside-USA-2 Lakeside-USA-3

– 1 large farm centrally located by the large lake
– Soil mod ready
– Multifruit
– Chopped straw
– Small medium and large fields
– Large forestry area
– Full custom PDA Map
– Embedded particles and fill planes for all map fruits
– Full modular storage for all fruits
– Custom BGA sunken tip point with trailer support and takes many fruits and manures and pays plus adds to liquid manure
– Large custom animal zones
– Water mod
– Manual gates
– Compost master
– Large placeable areas
– Marhu sawmill and scripts
– Custom multifruit files
– Animals fattening chickens, Pigs, Beefs, Sheep, Rabbits sold at petshop and Geese
– Seedmaster 2016’s
– Beetpulp master
– Pig Forage master
– Mix station

Version 3.0:
* Damage Mod Ready
* Compost has new textures
* Fillplanes and particles on everything
* You now have to transport wheat, barley or maize to the salad factory to supply the seedmaster2k16
* Seeds2 must be made for the salad greenhouses first now as the seed bins only accept seeds2
* Kevink98’s charcoal works has been added to the south sawmill lot
* The new watermod and water spray troughs have been added to the map
* Damage mod added and new ground and foliage textures added
* PDA map and economy updated
* Beetpulp machine display fixed, uneven ground added to the farm access which will cause damage if driven over to fast

Author: Stevie


One Response to Lakeside USA Map v 3.0

  1. Dustin

    HIre driver does not work. They will drive alone for a few feet then stop. What do i do to fix that?

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