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La Ferme du Pin Map v 3.0

  • 2016-09-21 19:17
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La-Ferme-du-Pin-1 La-Ferme-du-Pin-2 La-Ferme-du-Pin-3

Map Fr Sonthonnax-la-Montagne is located in central-eastern Ain department of the Haut Bugey, in the Jura mountains. The current common result of the merger in 1973 of common Sonthonnax-la-Montagne and the smallest municipality of the then department: Napt. Its territory is hilly by Berthiand Mountains. It is bounded by the towns of Matafelon-Granges Izernore, Nurieux-Volognat, Leyssard and Bolozon.

Authors: Arsenic Modding, FatFarming


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