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Krone Premos 5000 v 1.0 for Standart Maps


By Premos 5000 Krone offers first pellet harvesting, can be produced directly in the field with the Halm good pellets. This allows renewable agricultural raw materials and secondary raw materials are useful used for energy, thus helping to reduce CO Emissions.
The machine works very energy efficient: To produce the pellets is in the field is compared to the common stationary pelleting only half as much energy needed. In addition, thanks to the harvesting principle of logistical expenses (pellets directly from the field) is very low, since the otherwise complex process chain (bale presses, load, transport, unload, store, pellet) is omitted.
The pellets must always be overloaded

– Weight 13T
– Bunker capacity 9000 liters
– Working width 2.40 meters
– Operating speed 5 km/h
– PTO Connection
– Fruit collection: all Halm varieties, grass, straw…

Version 1.0 for Standart Maps:
* Revised Model
* Renewed Texture
* Tire wider, as in the original
* Straw collection with dust
* More distance to bunkers full
* Accelerates overcharging
* Only 250 hp from emergencies
* Fixed bug when unloading woodchips

Authors: Tackleberry, Marhu


2 Responses to Krone Premos 5000 v 1.0 for Standart Maps

  1. symbob

    I really want this mod to work as it’s an excellent concept. Unfortunately the fuel (woodchips) do not empty from the hopper (hopper stays 100% full) even though it fills the trailer. All other fruits appear to work fine but woodchips don’t.

  2. Daniel Beard

    Same. The new textures are better but the woodchip bug is still there.

    P.S. If you personally know Marhu, give him a big thanks from me, His scripts have always been amazing and have made FS so much better. Surprised that Giants haven’t employed him yet.

    Sweet mod, keep at it!

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