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Krone Big X 650 Cargo Pack v 4.3b


– Adding articulation
– Headlights, turn signal, Reverse Gear
– Animation door window
– Passenger

Authors: Kyosho’s Modfactory, FS15Nexcraft


7 Responses to Krone Big X 650 Cargo Pack v 4.3b

  1. Jörgen Mortensen

    Hove can turn down the steringwheel

  2. gerdlorenz

    ist schon echt toll wo ist das pick up das vermisse ich

  3. poussin

    belle machine maniable, mais la remorque ne se déplie pas. Qui peux y remédier?

  4. chris

    just how are you meant to attach the header,, it falls though the ground!!

  5. FS15 Nick

    You do realize that this is only version 4.3???

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