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Kotte Universal Pack v 1.52 Multicolor

Kotte-Universal-Pack-1 Kotte-Universal-Pack-2

The Pack consist of:
– Kote Unibersal
– Kote Universal Semi
– Kote Universal small

– Milk scripts installed with Overload Tube
– Can be loaded with milk, water and manure (yes everything in a barrel, who does not like just buy two of them in different colors)
– Compatible with the manure storage by tipping function
– Tranport of manure for sale Trigger
– Handling improved over the old wine cask
– Animated Analog level indicator on front and back
– Number plate
– Coupling rear
– Color selection
– Built other wheels
– All three trailers can upload FillTypen following: water, milk, fertilizer, fuel, liquidManure
– Display of warning signs and information boards installed at the appropriate fillType on the trailer

Authors: Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Andy1978


One Response to Kotte Universal Pack v 1.52 Multicolor

  1. Daniele

    Very good mod, but i can’t use with courseplay. I can fill end sell liquid manure manually, but with courseplay (liquid manure transport or load at start ). It’s possible to fix this problem?
    Thank you in advance

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