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Knaveswell Farm Extended Map v 1.0

  • 2016-10-12 08:38
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Knaveswell-Farm-Extended-1 Knaveswell-Farm-Extended-2 Knaveswell-Farm-Extended-3

Welcome to Knaveswell Farm Extended. This is an extention to Knaveswell Farm, based in South UK, Dorset. The map is made from real terrain and was made to look to real life. The dairy farm has a capacity of 120 dairy cows, but with running the dairy farm for quite a few years you have chosen to expand the farm and purchase some new fields as well as yards. You have invested in the beef and lamb industry. The map has the following crops, wheat, barley, rape and maize, rye and oats.

Knaveswell has over 120 workable fields ranging from many grass lands for feed to arable ground with plenly of maize.

Map Information:
– Terrain and Dirt Control
– Silo BGA Mod
– Soil Management
– Chopped Straw
– Multifruit
– Grain Drying Mod
– Water Mod

Author: Tommx55


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  1. Falcon

    It’s a great map, Thanks for sharring!

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