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Klettenberg Map v 1.1.2

  • 2016-04-05 19:42
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Klettenberg-1 Klettenberg-2 Klettenberg-3

– Detailed and tightly designed
– Purchasable objects (Alleehof, Schafshof, biogas plant, sawmill)
– Chopped straw remains lying on fields
– Manure or manure texture when fertilize with dung or manure
– Many goals to open (it was at warehouses, stables, etc …)
– Traffic and pedestrians
– A total of 60 fields
– Arable land of 165 hectares of arable land
– Purchasable fields
– Point of sale “freight depot” in the east of the Map (acceptance of all fruits)
– Large biogas plant
– The main courtyard with dairy cattle
– Manure storage capacity of 150000 liters on purchasable Alleehof

Version 1.1.2:
* Version contains the Soil Management

Authors: NKB-Modding, Deere6800


2 Responses to Klettenberg Map v 1.1.2

  1. DarkMat

    how do you open the doors of the green storage?

  2. rob

    I was wondering same thing I’ve tried every key on keyboard

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