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Kirovec K-700A v 1.0 Multicolor


– Power 220 hp
– Speed 32 km/h
– IC Control
– Open doors, windows
– Working Mirrors
– Choice of Color
– Buyable Twin Wheels
– Light
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels
– Automatic Wipers (corrected the animation of wipers, now all works fine)
– Installed a script physical camera, explain (while driving on an uneven surface, the driver starts to jump on the seat, wherein the seat has its own distinctive sound)
– Fully completed all the sounds on the Tractor
– Fixed Texture
– Detailed 3D model of the Tractor, inside and outside
– Full illumination of the Instrument Panel
– Fully animated Dashboard
– Completely changed Physics
– Broken frame relative to each other
– Made the correct location of the Wheels (width, hight, height, etc.)
– Gets dirty, to clean
– Removed the shock absorbers on the tractor, for them there never should be

Author: COBRA


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