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Keuschlingen v 2.2

  • 2014-12-11 14:05
  • Maps

Keuschlingen-v-2.2-1 Keuschlingen-v-2.2-2 Keuschlingen-v-2.2-3

Version 2.2:
– Patch 1.2 ready made (it can through the patch further complications arise that were not visible)
– Installed Silo Pack (lime, seed, fertilizer)
– Sounds inserted
– Increased density of the fruit
– Edited some grass edges
– Ball Trigger added on straw power plant, there bales can be sold directly now
– Fruit plates inserted
– Increased soil texture angle

Authors: Elmo, Marhu, Nick98.1, seba j, Mailman, atze1978, BernieSCS, Eribus


One Response to Keuschlingen v 2.2

  1. Jeffrey

    This is a realy nice map.

    I realy enjoy playin on it, to bad its in a german language. :/

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