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Kenworth T908 v 2.0

Kenworth-T-908-v-2.0-1 Kenworth-T-908-v-2.0-2

Version 2.0:
– Fixed Interior Camera



10 Responses to Kenworth T908 v 2.0

  1. itsXthomasTAG

    You need to do some serious work on this truck before that interior will be usable. First of all this isn’t a truck made in the UK and therefore the wheel and all the instruments are opposite of their proper positioning and second of all none of the instruments even have textures.

    As a vet modder from the trucking games like 18 wheels of steel i beg future modders not to release something that isn’t even half finished.

  2. DaveTrain99

    This truck is a Australian truck Kenworth make’s trucks just for Australia that are not in the USA the T908 is one of them trucks so it’s meant to like that

  3. itsXthomasTAG

    Don’t make excuses for him. It makes modders look bad when they release half finished mods. Honestly i wouldn’t have released this until the interior was complete.

  4. Verruckt

    Finalmente a versão com interior corrigido. Há muito tenho aguardado por isso. Adorei este caminhão, só estava faltando msm a correção deste péqueno detalhe.



    t908 is an NEW ZEALAND/AUSTRALIAN spec if you want to moan of an unfinished truck bro do it somewhere else i release what i can do at the time being full time at work and looking after my family hence why i can only do bits at a time thank you for your constructive feedback…. itsXthomasTAG

  6. JackarooingCowboy

    Hey there, Just wanted to say this is a great mod! thanks for the time and effort that you put in! I was just wondering about cosmetic touches that you probably couldn’t care less about, and I see that you are still persevering with a few other problems, but I would love to know if you have plans of making a big bullbar and roadtrain signs? I have just converted all of the roadwest transport equipment into fs2015 and am using your 908 to pull it in triples. while it still looks amazing, a nice big bullbar and roadtrain signs on the front would finish off that distinct Aussie look 🙂 thanks anyway

  7. sonoman

    shame it say no file!! fix link

  8. Rusty Smith

    Hey mate..once you get the chance to finish the last of the textures it will be a bloody great AUSSIE/KIWI T908. Have noticed that a heavy version had been realeased as well as a JD version, all of which need the finishing touches…the rest of this FS nation doesn’t realize that us to down south of the equator have one of the harshes enviroments for transport and agriculture shared sometimes with that of USA…as a real truck / semi trailer driver i get enjoyment out of ets2, fs 13 and fs15 after a long day …If youare the one responsible for again a great AUSSIE/KIWI K200 I’m having probs with the re colouring in game…truck turns a lovely shade of pink…again keep up with the creating as its hard to find USA and AUSSIE/KIWI truck mods on FS and ETS2…cheers mate

  9. Győző

    Szar le se lehet tölteni!!!

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