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John Deere T670 TT & W550 Pack v 0.5 BETA

John-Deere-T670-TT-&-W550-Pack T670-TT W550

The Pack consist of:
* John Deere T670 TT Harvester
* John Deere W550 Harvester
* John Deere 625R Header: working width 7.5 meters
* John Deere 635R Header: working width 10.7 meters
* John Deere 606C Header: working width 4.5 meters

– Power 425 hp
– Capacity 11000 liters
– Very extensive IC Control
– Animated Indicators
– Animated Boarding
– Adjustable width of the chopper spreading
– Manual Unloading
– Manual Ignition
– Extra Menu
– Lighting
– Indoor Light
– Mirrors
– Dirt / washable Wheels
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels

Author: Witajcie


2 Responses to John Deere T670 TT & W550 Pack v 0.5 BETA

  1. Marlo

    Pun the mod into the mods folder and it did not show up in the game. Looks like a pretty good harvester, wished it worked.

  2. Luke Gill

    It needs Interactive Control, with opening doors, steering console up and down, pipe out and in, and the header control in cab

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