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John Deere S690i Pack


Two John Deere S690i Harvesters:
* John Deere S690i
* John Deere S690i TT

– Power 625 hp
– Capacity 14100 liters
– Dirty
– Passenger mod
– Powerful animated hud
– Expanded IC Control
– Settings mirrors
– Opening the flap door
– Oil change
– Quick menu
– Camera Control
– Wipers
– Registering a vehicle
– Copy of land by caterpillars
– Interior lighting
– The sound and roosters are switched on at 80% full tank
– Greenstar

Included 4 Headers:
– John Deere 640D: working width 11.5 meters
– John Deere 640FD: working width 11.5 meters
– John Deere 635R: working width 10 meters
– John Deere 612C: working width 12 meters

Authors: Julian11 (BIG BOSS modding), SiiD, Vnsfdg2, Lookee86, Most Sinister, JBK


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