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John Deere 7930 FINAL


– Power 290 hp
– Fully Washable
– Frontloader Console
– IC Control
– Front loading protection
– Additional lighting on the Front Hydraulic
– Second rotating light right
– Doors, windows open
– Switchable Terminals (purely visual)
– Seed tubes to grow
– Front linkage to fold
– Warning signs with lighting to grow
– Adjustable steering column
– Wheel weights which increase the weight and real terms (per 1 ton per page)
– Marker lights on the rear fenders
– Tire tracks
– Realistic lighting (casts shadows)
– Interior lighting with dipped headlights or not connected
– Control Panel Attacher
– Preparation for animated hydraulic hoses (manual Attacher)
– Exciting sound
– Indoor sound, depending on opened doors / windows

FINAL Version:
* GPS + screen is now on / degradable
* Buyable Twin Tires
* Sound was again revised (turbo pipe is now easy to listen)
* Hydraulic Ref is now also available for trailers
* Rotating beacon was designed back to normal
* Front hydraulic lifts now little more from slightly revised suspension of the front and rear axle
* Steering a little reduced (tires no longer are now too bad in the engine compartment)
* Front loading protection can now be separately grown from Frontloader Console and remains after store
* Front loading protection turns gray
* Wing flaps at turn away, so that they no longer protrude into the engine compartment
* Front tires made a little narrower

Author: Ghost_CO, Sotillo (Mainmodder), Nefarius88, verschiedene, Friedli88, Bauer Hinnark, Mitti88, Ludmilla Power, Mitti88


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