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John Deere 6R/6M Big Pack

John-Deere-6R-1 John-Deere-6R-2

4 Tractors:
* 2 x John Deere 6170R Final
* John Deere 6115M Final
* John Deere 6170 M

– Power 150-170-210 hp
– Lighting engineering
– Mirrors
– Speedometer and tachometer
– Opened the door, the rear window
– IC Control
– Dual wheels
– FL Console
– Ploughing Spec
– Animated Hydraulic
– The dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Dirt / Washable
– New wheels, texture, cameras, physics

Authors: BJR, kseholm I/S, VMV Modding, JDFan, roller90, Timber131, Bigfarmer145, Templaer, Trabby76, Burner, Kondziu25, SamN


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  1. Darx

    What’s the difference betweenJohn Deere 8530
    and John Deere 8530 FH? What does it mean that FH, R, M…and marks like that?

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