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John Deere 1890 Wingflex Seeder Pack v 2.0

John-Deere-1890-Wingflex-Seeder-Pack-1 John-Deere-1890-Wingflex-Seeder-Pack-2 John-Deere-1890-Wingflex-Seeder-Pack-3

This is a pack including the JD 1890 Air Seeder with Wing Flex in 22 m and 14 m versions and the JD 1910 Air Cart (22 m & 14 m) based on the 2009 GIANTS MODCONTEST entry: The John Deere 1910 aircart for LS 2009 and the Bourgault Air Seeder from 2013.

Version 2.0:
* Changed paint to better simulate John Deere green and match new 9630 paint
* Activated rear attacher joint on seeder
* Added brakeforce to help stop better

Authors: Jerrico, Knagsted, JRBrown, killerrf, CJWilksy


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