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JCB 8310 edit

JCB-8310-1 JCB-8310-2

– Added other Warning Lights
– Weights added to the button
– Divided Light
– Changed Speed
– Reduced spring force in the wheels
– Added trumpet air with the modified sound
– Added light on the hood
– Added directional rear fenders
– Added light mirror

Authors: Giants, EpicPrydaMods, Kabak


3 Responses to JCB 8310 edit

  1. Toby

    Great idea! It needed these upgrades to this already awesome tractor. Thanks!

  2. Kabak

    mam kolejną wersje tego moda lecz zastaniawiam się nad wydaniem jego jest więcej bajerów i mniejsza waga ale to zależy od was czy go wydam czy nie

  3. Bigmack73

    Warning: this mod has a major glitch. if you reset or sell it. your game will crash.

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