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IZH Planeta 5K Pack v 3.0

IZH-Planeta-5K-1 IZH-Planeta-5K-2 IZH-Planeta-5K-3

The Pack consist of:

IZH Planeta 5K Motorcycle:
– Power 22 hp
– Working Speedometer
– Lighting
– Animated Suspension
– Switchable Mirrors

Side Trailer VMZ 9.203:
– The game can transport fuel (60 liters) to fill technique

PF 035 Trailer:
– Capacity 350 liters
– Transports standard culture, chaff, silage, manure, grass, forage, wood chips, sunflower, carrots, garlic, onion, radish, bran, husk, oilcake, hops, soybean, sand, gravel, water, milk, sunflower oil, fertilizer and seeds
– Can fill the fertilizer spreaders and seed drills

All the equipment gets dirty

Authors: YREC, Zombi88888, Gnom, Silak_68, werik


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