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Hungarian TSZ Map v 3.0

  • 2014-11-04 21:38
  • Maps

Hungarian-TSZ-Map-v-3.0-1 Hungarian-TSZ-Map-v-3.0-2 Hungarian-TSZ-Map-v-3.0-3

In the Map you find:
– Original cultures
– Large farm
– New warehouse
– New garage
– New culture storage
– Manure storage
– New Buildings
– New roads
– New traffic

Author: Farok


6 Responses to Hungarian TSZ Map v 3.0

  1. johan

    very long loading and don’t work

  2. Rico

    The map loads ok, long load times. The seed pallet building is non-functional. It’s likely missing the trigger for the sowers. You can’t fill sowers with seeds.

  3. Mark Jenkins

    Guys try see Bjergsted map for fs15 , it looks amazing , any1 got that map ? , please let someone have that map

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