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HTZ 16131 XT3 v 1.2


– Power 190 hp
– Speed 43 km/h
– Light, turn signals, brake lights, working light, RUL
– Tires dust and tire tracks
– Animated Farmer
– Animated Amaturen
– Animated Front Hydraulic
– Animated Heck Hydraulic
– Animated Exhaust Flap
– Animated Floating Axle
– Animated Propeller Shafts, universal joints in the axis, fan from the engine, etc.
– Front Trailer attacher
– Old Destroyed Texture
– Integrated Front Weight
– Front Hydraulic per Trigger faded from the outside
– Built twin tires and trigger faded from the outside
– Interactive Control
– Door Opener (door open from the outside)
– Indoor Sound of responding to the doors, etc.
– Adjusted motor data (performance)
– Adapted other small settings in the xml

Authors: Dima29-303, Kiryukha, Mad Dog, Wile_E.Coyote


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