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Hard Workin v 3.0

  • 2016-05-17 11:30
  • Maps

Hard-Workin-1 Hard-Workin-2 Hard-Workin-3 Hard-Workin-4

– 12 Fields
– Collectable Gold Coins
– AI Pedestrian and Car Traffic
– Custom Models and Textures
– Demand and custom Transport / mowing missions
– Perfect for working with large Tractors and Equipment
– Good for those who like working at night
– Gentle hills and level areas for placeables and custom arrangement
– Sell points for: grain, wheat, corn, rape, logs, eggs, wool, woodchips, potatoes, sugarbeets, pigs, beef, manure, slurry, hay, straw and grass

Version 3.0:
* Water Mod
* Chopped Straw
* GMK, Slurry manure Mod
* Wool Pallet Collector
* Pigs and Beef
* Larger Silage Pit
* Storage for straw, grass, chaff, silage, manure, fodder (mixed rations), potato, sugarbeet and woodchips
* Manure and slurry sales at Garden Center
* Buyer for straw, hay, grass, loose and bales, the old guy lives across the road from your farm

Authors: theWOODman, Marhu, BulletBill83, Sandgroper, NI modding


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  1. Korey


  2. Korey

    This is one of my favorite maps. Can you make it for FS17? Thanks.

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