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Hard Point Extension v 1.23

Hard-Point-Extension-1 Hard-Point-Extension-2 Hard-Point-Extension-3 Hard-Point-Extension-4 Hard-Point-Extension-5

This mod gives give you the option of buying (and selling) hardpoint objects that can be attached to your mod with very simple means, everything is handled through an custom made GUI screen. The mod also includes a placeable workshop building and a service trailer.

Version 1.23:
* CollisionPair tags
* “Kill mode” when multiply version of this mod is used
* Required parts cant be “detached”
* Fixed MP issue with attachonload parts (it wouldnt attach object all the time when bought at shop)
* Detach event.. it didnt synch detach between clients

Authors: Xentro, KaosKnite, Niggels939


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