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Hard Point Extension v 1.2


This mod gives give you the option of buying (and selling) hardpoint objects that can be attached to your mod with very simple means, everything is handled through an custom made GUI screen. The mod also includes a placeable workshop building and a service trailer.

Version 1.2:
* Fixed: Reseting vehicle will remove all attached objects
* New: Collision Object tags setSolverIterationCount, setCenterOfMass, rotLimit, transLimit
* New: Active / Deactive state on “object”
* New: Disable object from attaching / detaching (must be scripted)(HP_FillVolume for reference)
* New: Map hot spot for workshops (placeable and map)
* New: Map trigger attributes (playerDistance, appearsOnPDA)
* Updated: Player in range of trigger remade
* Updated: Bigger HP trigger for trailer
* Updated: You cant fill fuel to an tractor that have maintenance trailer attached
* Updated: Only show locations that has objects!
* Updated: Disabled locations have an red color in workshop
* Updated: Global/Default script can be used (beware though that some might not work out of the box and some will not work fully)
* Updated: You need game patch 1.4 to use this version
* Updated: Trigger name can be setup trough modDesc
* Updated: attachOnLoad part synch color
* Updated: Script optimizations
* Removed: separateObjEnvironment and separateObjLoadEnvironment

Authors: Xentro, KaosKnite, Niggels939


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