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Great Western Farms Map v 3.2

  • 2016-08-22 08:32
  • Maps

Great-Western-Farms-1 Great-Western-Farms-2 Great-Western-Farms-3

It is a American Style map based on a farm in Central Kansas and features Chopped Straw, Marhu’s Water Mod, Multifruit, Dirt and Terrain, Damage Mod, Hardpoint, and more. It also contains most of the fun stuff Farmer Andy made including the MixMaster2, the Seedmaster, the Potato Washer and Steamer, Greanhouses, Composting, the BeetMaster2, and so on.

Version 3.2:
* Fixed Fattening barn triggers
* Added storage for Compost
* Added a secret bridge

Authors: Giants, Stevie, Farmer Andy, Marhu, GoldFox, Chris, L and C Gaming


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