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Grand Falls Map v 1.3

  • 2016-03-09 20:24
  • Maps

Grand-Falls-1 Grand-Falls-2 Grand-Falls-3

This Map features an a farm store for all your needs. All animals are in your company. The farm has plenty of room to move, many devices raises to store, conveyor belts, locally fertilizer / sperm donor. Smaller fields are located for smaller / older devices near the farm, if you wish.
The showcase of the card is the new straw Firelog production that you can produce in your business. All you need is straw or wood chips. The issue is that firewood can be sold at the hardware store and you also have a small output of chips.
This map focuses on big agriculture and big forestry. You have the option to choose the one or the other or both. To help the production of the whole forest industry, you have to drive production with a large warehouse it built in the southern part of the map to save two sawmills.
If you get tired of farming and cutting trees, you can take a break at the local dirt track and race with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Author: SaturdayMorningBacon


3 Responses to Grand Falls Map v 1.3

  1. Samoud

    Comment on repare le matériel ainsi que les tracteurs merci

  2. Eric_D

    Great map, scenery looks good, plenty of logging, big fields, lots of space with everything spread out well and some upgraded startup equipment. Been looking for a map like this.

    Works great in FS15 Gold Edition, through Steam.


  3. Eric_D

    The plowed textures on field 8 are a little messed up. Several small sections at the edges of the field are turned in the wrong direction. It’s causing my hired help to turn around too soon and leave un-plowed gaps in the middle of the field.

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