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GPS Mod v 4.0


Assistant farmer for automation of field work.

Key Level 1: Driving
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key.
– Ctrl-Left / Ctrl-Right: turn towards the automatic reversal, reversing automatic start manually
– Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down: Set the switching distance of automatic reversal
– Ctrl-W: steering assistance on / off

Key Level 2: Course Adjustment
This level is accessible by pressing the left Ctrl key and the left Shift key.
– Ctrl-Shift-Left / Ctrl-Shift-Right: move parallel course
– Ctrl-Shift-Up / Ctrl-Shift-Down: Adjust the heading angle
– Ctrl-Shift-KP_Plus / Ctrl-Shift-KP_Minus: Setting the working width
– Ctrl-Shift-pageUp / Ctrl-Shift-page down: adjust offset
– Ctrl-Shift-pageUp + page down simultaneously: Offset zeros

Authors: upsidedown, gotchTom, Eribus


2 Responses to GPS Mod v 4.0

  1. Fogest

    Thank you, I have been waiting for this mod since the game came out!

  2. Michael

    Falls fps on a zero when I include fashions, such something is observed near to fields on which grows. In a distance from them all is normal, fps stable.

    also waiting for this mod , but now I can not use it in fs2013 this was not observed .

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