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Gifts of the Caucasus German Version v 1.1

  • 2016-04-01 08:00
  • Maps

Gifts-of-the-Caucasus-1 Gifts-of-the-Caucasus-2

– Very big relief and a beautiful day Gifts Caucasus
– Village land and sea, plains and mountains
– Traffic of cars, people working in the factories
– Shopping malls, big boards
– Road signs, bridges, river
– Road asphalt and dirt, and dirt where there is traffic coming in reality
– Garden center, quarry
– Car washes, gas stations
– Restaurants
– Town
– Village
– Points of reception of your products
– You can sell products in raw form and Recycled product and sell more
– Forest. For deforestation for timber need to obtain a license, otherwise you will pay the penalty
– The map has its own unique menu, using it can see everything that is done
– There is a dock with a boat Contener (animated)
– All animals on the map, including dogs and cats, and other – animated
– On the map a lot of plants, factories that produce: flour, biscuits, bread, condensed milk, canned food, sugar, butter, as well as concrete
– Culture: standard + sunflower, corn, onions, carrots
– Animal: standard + pigs, cattle

Version 1.1:
* BGA added to the ramp
* A license for the felling of trees does not remain in the memory
* In the calf and move triggers a pigsty
* In the city replaced the multi-storey house, in which the polygonal two less
* Perhaps to replenish the milk
* With a negative balance of a ban on the purchase
* Continuation of the boot removed when the warehouse is full – in connection with the production stops during the unloading of transport
* Download the latest pallet or bales
* Seed warehouses, located in the garden center and farm, were increased

Authors: igor29381, Kovsh, stasenko100, Weder, S.W.I.K. modding team


2 Responses to Gifts of the Caucasus German Version v 1.1

  1. janek

    this map is wery good, i like it.

  2. oliwier

    How I can buy a seeds in garden center? (czekam na PL odp. )

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