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Getreide GmbH Desert v 1.0 BETA

  • 2015-04-25 10:23
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Getreide-GmbH-Desert-1 Getreide-GmbH-Desert-2 Getreide-GmbH-Desert-3

– For meadows have to sacrifice your fields
– Some fields have yet to be created
– Water can be stored on the farm
– Some lanes could cut down from the tractor you at high speeds
– Hydroelectric power plant your manure supplies and can pick up water
– Whey for the pig can be brought in DeKalb Faktory
– Water is available in Dorf 1 at the fountain or Dorf 2 the garden center
– Seed from the factory can you sell or store on the farm
– Compound feed if you have too much times you can also sell
– Diesel can you sell your sets by the sale of the factory trigger at the gas station
– Gas Station is a refillable used for direct refueling

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