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GAZ 53 Pack + Trailers v 4.01 Multicolor


In 1966, 2 years after the beginning of production of GAZ 53A, serial production was launched family of GAS 52. The new car had unified with the truck GAZ 53A cockpit and tail, as well as the frame, suspension and braking systems. In contrast to the 53rd, GAZ 52 was equipped with nizhneklapannym inline 6-cylinder 75-horsepower GAZ 52-01. Differences also were in the main transfer – it was not hypoid as GAZ 53A and conical wheel drives have a 6-hole and narrower tires, front grille are always painted in cab color.

– Full lighting
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels
– Various Trailers
– Various Trucks
– Choice of Color

Authors: Silak_68, werik


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