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FS15 Big Mods Pack V5 Kuhn Pack V1

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The Pack consist of 14 FS15 Kuhn Mods:
* Kuhn Krause 5635 Cultivator
* Kuhn Optimer 6M Cultivator
* Kuhn Discover XS 24 Cultivator
* Kuhn FC 3525 F Mower
* Kuhn GMD 4010 Mower
* Kuhn GMD 66 Mower
* Kuhn Varimaster 153 4 20 Plough
* Kuhn GA 8521 Windrower
* Kuhn GF 6502 Tedder
* Kuhn SPW 25 Forage Mixer Wagon
* Kuhn SPW XXL Forage Mixer Wagon
* Kuhn Profile Medium
* Kuhn VB 2190 Baler
* Kuhn Matris 4100 Sprayer

Authors: lindbejb (lindbejb modding), FSModding, Paulo5090r, Lulu88520, EpicPrydaMods, TSL, Agromet, TomasT150, Didek, Stevie, 112TEC|schwaki, JohnDeereFreak94, EJBModding, Dawider, Młody98, FarmerTimothy, Beunheas, Jan (Alias Jantjetennis)
Pack created: vydka

DOWNLOAD 147 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 147 MB [Sharemods]

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