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FS15 Big Mods Pack V21 Mercedes Benz Pack V1

Mercedes-Benz-Pack-1 Mercedes-Benz-Pack-2 Mercedes-Benz-Pack-3

The Pack consist of 12 FS15 Mercedes Benz Mods:
* Mercedes Benz Trac 900 Turbo Tractor
* Mercedes Benz Trac 1500 Tractor
* Mercedes Benz Trac 1600 Tractor
* Mercedes Benz Trac 1800 Intercooler Tractor
* Mercedes Benz Sprinter Shell Service Truck
* Mercedes Benz Sprinter Platform Truck
* Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Plateau Truck
* Mercedes Benz NG 1632 Truck
* Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Car
* Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Car
* Mercedes Benz E350 CDI Car
* Mercedes Benz 200D Car

Authors: Giants, Eraevgenij, Mj plezier, FTmodding, JEDAN FOCAK, Mechanic78, Andrazp, bm-modding, bertram-7, themercedesbenzfan, Unguided, Polofreak211, lordtex, Jukka, Marthu, Thomas0815, Modall, Micha04668
Pack created: vydka

DOWNLOAD 310 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 310 MB [Sharemods]

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