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FS 2015 Toolkit Incl.Cheat Tool v

Cheat-Tool-1 Cheat-Tool-3 Cheat-Tool-2

The Farming Simulator 2015 Toolkit by SdcDev contains lots of goodies including a near fully features cheat tool, mod manager, and more. Extras coming soon.

Full List:
– Main Application
– Mod Manager
– Activate Mods
– Deactivate Mods
– Import Mods
– Other Goodies
– Cheat Tool
– Edit Silo Amounts Incl.Eggs In Backpack
– Edit Loan/Money
– Edit Unit Prices
– Edit Field Ownership
– Reset Vehicles
– Change Difficulty
– Other Goodies
– Screenshots Folder Shortcut
– FS2015 Log File Shortcut
– Save Game Backup & Restore Tools (English ONLY)
– English Language, A Near 100% German Translation (Google Translate)

Authors: SdcDev Software,, Ionic.Zip Devs


3 Responses to FS 2015 Toolkit Incl.Cheat Tool v

  1. audrius

    its a virus file are infected

  2. Rex Rex

    It is NOT A VIRUS and it works 100%

  3. Dan

    Definately a virus, and I cannot get the errors to remove from my computer, continuous cycle of log files trying to exit.

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