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Fruit Package Designer v 3.60

Fruit-Package-Designer-v-3.60-1 Fruit-Package-Designer-v-3.60-2 Fruit-Package-Designer-v-3.60-3

– Fruit cannery – produces three types of orange juice, apricot, plum nectar
– Yogurt Factory – produces three type of yogurt, apple, strawberry, pear
– Liquid Distillery – distillery produces cherry brandy, cognac, vodka
– Oliveline – processing plant produces olives, olive oil and pickled olives
– Production of bread – mill and bakery
– Cannery – cannery produces, canned tomatoes with cucumbers, vegetable mixes, candy, corn
– Sugarsalt – sugar and salt plants produce salt and sugar

– Brewery factory 2 Beers and hops
– At the point of sale pay money immediately.
– Factories now attend wholesale buyers. The products are sold directly from factories. In addition to the bakery sugar salt and Breweries.
– Fixed minor bugs

Author: AKA_Boroda


5 Responses to Fruit Package Designer v 3.60

  1. fredrik

    How to load hops? 🙂 realy love this mod keep on going! If possible the scania 124 from fs 13 would have been aersome to transport goods with 🙂

  2. tabgan

    Hops ship MAN TGS 18.440 and the trailer for it FLIEGLTMK. Beer and other products Scania trucks PV15_BOXTRUCK, All the desired fashion is in the archive.I

  3. fredrik

    Found the problem. My krone hemsland dous so that man tgs cant load hop. When i remove it i can but then i cant transport my sugar/salts or load cherry liqour with either truck or semi. Tried to delete all mods and just keep the update but still same problem. Tips? Sorry for bad english 🙂

  4. tabgan

    conflict with other cultures in the game, all the new products on your card will not fit, Need to remove a few plants


    put all the mods run the map start the game, then exit the game look the log he is
    …DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2015log.txt
    open looking for the string
    Error: Fillable.registerFillType too many fill types. Only 64 fill types are supported
    for example, maps Westbridge_Forest_V3 we get 7 of these strings. this means that 7 crops or products in our mod is not intermeddle on this map.
    watch the list of mods and the number of cultures-products that can be excluded from the game:
    cannery – 7
    fruitcannery – 6
    LiquorDistillery – 5
    oliveline – 3
    productionofbread – 6
    YogurtFactory – 6
    beer_hm – 3
    for example, I chose LiquorDistillery and oliveline total of 8 crops-products in the amount of 8 , one product in reserve just in case.
    these two fashion retractable. run the game. the log is clean. you can play.
    I hope my English through Google you understand

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