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Frisian March Map v 2.1

  • 2015-04-11 19:20
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– Milk may (but need not be themselves sold)
– Forests have new texture and are significantly reforested
– 100 hidden gold coins
– Water mod
– Gas Station
– Butcher for cattle and pigs sale
– More carports on the farm, biogas plant and sawmill
– Some forests
– Dikes, ditches, windmills, Flachlandmap
– Raiffeisen At The Grist Mill
– Large network of roads with signs and customized transport
– Many new grass fields that need not be purchased separately
– Larger Home Fleet
– Adjusted visibility, slowed fruit growth
– Adjusted pedestrian
– Disappeared drive-in theater and moved for campsite
– Decoration: dustbins, power lines, more houses, PV systems
– Installed feed stores
– Edeka eggs for sale
– Changed Unloading
– Adapted PDA Map

Version 2.1:
– Flour mills for wheat, barley and maize
– Mill rape for bio diesel
– Factory for pastry and bread
– No more pixels fault trees
– Bread, baked goods and flour sale at the supermarket

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