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Frameless End Dump Trailers Pack v 1.0

Frameless-End-Dump-Trailers-Pack-1 Frameless-End-Dump-Trailers-Pack-2

5 Trailers:
* East Frameless Spread
* East Frameless Dump Triple
* East Frameless Twin
* 2 Travis Classic End Dump

East Frameless End Dump:
– Twin, Twin Spread and Triple Blacked out.

Travis Classic:
– Original chrome / grey with tag axle
– Blacked out chrome with tag axle

All Trailers capacity 150000 liters and various Fruits

Authors: TechnicMods, Dietz Modding, JRD84, PurpleKnight Modding


4 Responses to Frameless End Dump Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. Ronni Petersen

    mods cant be downloaded

  2. Brandon Odle

    Am I missing something? I downloaded like I have my other mods, yet I don’t see it in the game shop.

  3. Jason

    One of the trailers dose not except Sorghum , and I need a tipper that does what it says it does in game.

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