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Fortschritt HW80 v 1.0


– Lighting
– Field / dirt road dust
– Lanes
– Dynamic Fruit Plan
– New Particle system

Authors: Alali, BlackHowk


One Response to Fortschritt HW80 v 1.0

  1. Juan Carlos González


    I do not know what happens with the server UPLOADFILES that from the MOD “Fortschritt HW80 v 1.0” to the MOD “New Holland T6175 v 1.0”, each time you click the download link and wait for the download button is activated, when pressed, does not begin downloading any MOD, but gives an error of “NO FILE”.

    I tried to download previous MODS of uploadfile and do not give me problems downloading, but if I indicate to them that are within range.

    I tried to use VPN, PROXIES, and various browsers, the result being the same.

    Did you’d know any solution to this problem?

    Thank You.

    NOTE: Text translated from Google Translate, we apologize for any errors.

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