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Fichtelberg Map v 2.0

  • 2016-07-20 09:13
  • Maps


– Small BGA (4 Silos)
– Main Courtyard
– 8 Fields
– Country Store (sets ling sale added)
– Send a station (point of sale) with train to go
– Sawmill (New additions with train going to send)
– Custom Scripts for improvement of performance (for weak computer)
– Slurry Manure Mod installed
– There are just cows
– 2 large meadows (one at the court, the other in the curve of the main Str)

Version 2.0:
* Instaled new Field Lanes
* New Fields (very large)
* Fixed Bugs
* Sawmill remodeled (new area for set of trees)
* Fixed and renewed Textures

Authors: Giants, Calli, 4×4 Modding


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