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Fendt Vario 936 SCR v 3.0


– Handling
– IC control (door, rear window, roof hatch and front lower link)
– Tire storage
– Tire tracks
– Adjusted weight
– The joystick is now animated
– Fixtures are illuminated partly
– Farmer directs now slower and also pushes joystick
– New sound
– RPM display
– Speed Display
– Driveshafts front all animated again
– The one wheel no longer wobbles
– After 5-10 min a reverse fan starts (sound)
– Fenders fold again if a is deflected
– Door and warning signs can be opened from the outside
– MP capable

Authors: Surrealchrash, Fruktor, 924power, kesukas


4 Responses to Fendt Vario 936 SCR v 3.0

  1. tyrannix2342

    This V2 not V3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dr. Wulfax

    I wasn’t satisfied with the model especially the interior i think it needs some refining, but the physics work very well.

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